About Us

We Are

Our youths have in them creative ideas, gifts and potentials for greatness which being put in use would be of great benefit not only to them but the nation as a whole. We believe that if youths are being empowered with the right information and other needful resources, there would be positive results, and if leaders in every ramification are inspired to break their bounds, effect innovation and productivity in their leadership instead of complacency and loss of interest that is the order of the day, there would be better leadership and positive impacts, hence the need for this program.

INSPIRE XTRA (i-xtra) is an initiative set up to empower our youths and help leaders in various capacities see the need for positive change and influence. The youth entrepreneurship and leadership conference is designed to locate such youths and leaders in every category, get them empowered, make them see the need to expand their bands as there is a high tendency of achieving greater results only if they make good efforts.

Aims &

  • To inspire youths in becoming better and influential future leaders.
  • To create awareness among our youths and empowering them to be successful entrepreneurs.
  • To equip leaders in various capacities on growth effectiveness and good leadership.
  • To create a network platform between successful entrepreneurs and potential ones.
  • Provide mentorship for our youths.
  • Skill acquisition opportunity for interested participants.
  • Empower youths and leaders to succeed.
  • Help unemployed youths meet potential employers.


We intend to achieve our aims and objectives by

  • Organizing workshops for youth empowerment and development.
  • Creating support centres for the promotion of youth empowerment and development.
  • Carrying out advocacy and implement projects aimed at empowering youth for development in our society.s.

Our Vision

To empower lives for positive change.

Our Mission

To create a platform that will engage and empower people for positive change.

Our Core Values